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High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning is one of the the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to clean your home or commercial environment.
Not only is United Cleaning Service high pressure cleaning an excellent way of removing dirt and stubborn stains, but it also removes bacteria and fungus that may lurk in your patio paving, driveway or commercial premises. Something to think about!
Read on to find out more about United Cleaning Service Inc. high pressure cleaning services expertise, and also our paver sealing and concrete sealing capabilities.

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Why does the  high pressure cleaning process give the best results?
ONLY use HOT water in our high pressure water cleaning process!


Would you clean the dishes with cold water? Absolutely not! The same principle applies to our high pressure washing! Water is heated on the back of the vehicles by a purpose made instantaneous heater, and is the ONLY way to optimise cleaning results, particularly when oil stain removal and grease spots are involved.

United Cleaning Service Inc. uses dedicated high pressure cleaning machinery. We DO NOT simply blast your paving or concrete and cause splatter all over your windows!  use the latest brick paver cleaning and concrete cleaning machine, which transfers the hot water down into your paving or concrete via a spinning water delivery device, located beneath the machine. This creates very little splash up and ensures the hot water and high pressure cleaning is concentrated where its supposed to be… on your brick pavers or concrete.

Every United Cleaning Service Inc. operator is highly trained and has a vast amount of experience in our high pressure cleaning and paver sealing techniques, and understands exactly what needs to be done in each scenario to ensure your total satisfaction every time. Each operator has the skills and technical knowledge to offer expert advice on paver sealing and concrete sealing should the need arise

When do United Cleaning Service use high pressure washing?

uses specialist high pressure water cleaning expertise in a range of scenarios:

High pressure cleaning, which can also be referred to as water blasting, water jetting, high pressure water cleaning, power washing or high pressure washing, is a key weapon in the United Cleaning Service cleaning arsenal. The  high pressure cleaning equipment, when used in conjunction with hot water and environmentally friendly cleaning agents, produces the finest results when cleaning pavers, cleaning concrete, cleaning exposed aggregate, driveway cleaning, roof cleaning, patio cleaning, factory floor cleaning, warehouse floor cleaning, brick cleaning, and exterior house washing, as well as commercial building washing and gutter cleaning,

Utilising the services of United Cleaning Service  high pressure cleaning experts is perfect if you are considering selling your property, and want us to make it look its best to ensure you achieve maximum market interest and potentially the best price.